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Hi there! Welcome to my portfolio.

I'm Yoon. A human experience and future innovations driven Product Designer.

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Q: What is the question to which the wind is the answer?

A: How do the trees dance?


The Future of Entertainment

How would your future self exist across multiple realities?

In today's world, we don't only exist in the physical reality where we only believe the things we see, hear, touch, and feel. We own different versions of ourselves in various realities at the very micro levels. Right now, I am present in the reality of this amazing website that you are seeing now while the other me is watching The Office S2 E3 on Netflix. What would the future of this look like in 10, 20, 50 years?


IoT Transition for Deloitte

The business disruption of migrating IoT, and creating a new framework.

For industrial companies the digital universe and its migration into a deployed and interdependent Internet of Things is a major disruption. How would this create a new business direction for Deloitte, and what are the demands that take for this transition?


Mapping the Behavior Economy

Looking in the past, is to know the future.

This presentation recognizes the emergent data points from 2010 to 2020, and reflect them in visual maps that disclose the macro data set of the behavior economy. The maps are tooled to understand the ecology of product/technology and potential behavioral consequences. Thus, it has enabled us to foresee new innovation opportunities and their responding behaviors as a next step on furthering the behavior economy of the future.


The Future of Consumerism

What if all the physical products in the world were available instantaneously?

Instant delivery of e-commerce products through personal 5D printing means, redefining materiality and manufacturing systems. Ensduction is a connecting bridge between online consumer goods platforms and product manufacturing that strives beyond the limitations of our current services. Ensduction delivers the future of convenience and e-commerce.

Don't just design products.
Design the benefit.

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Research & Product

RISE  I  UX Research & Design

How might we encourage laid off workers to regain their lost professional values during their time of recession?

As COVID-19 has brought a global pandemic, a lot of us have been put in a position where we were unexpectedly laid off from work. Not only has it created the concerns of financial issues, but also to the extent of mental health as a lot of us have lost our professional values.


Design Campaign for Cash Riders

Digitization brought convenience to life, but not for all us. In every sector, there are groups of minorities that are neglected from different angles. How does this look like in the transportation system of Toronto's TTC service, and what could we do to improve?

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Systems Design for Creating a Circular Economy

No Waste Challenge launched by What Design Can group, is a climate action challenge in partnership with the IKEA Foundation. This global design competition focuses on the impact of waste and consumerism on climate change.

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Life Products

I specialize in design foresight, innovation, and research.

But there are so many ways in design to illustrate stories.

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Side Hustle

Just for fun.. Why not?

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