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CT VR Tree Decorator is one of the major design projects I was involved in during my 4-month UX/UI Design internship term at Canadian Tire's Innovation Lab. Applying UX design and interaction principles across VR, web, and mobile platforms.

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UX / VR Design
Design Research
VR Simulation


UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer


Unity 3D


5 Months


Product Roadmapping
User Testing
User Flow


Yoonwoo Seo - UX/UI Designer
M- Experience Designer
S - Project Manager
R - Innovation Lab Lead
M - Business Analyst
RP - Dev Agency

Project Overview

Canadian Tire VR Tree Decorator is a virtual Christmas tree building simulator designed to deliver an enticing gamified shopping experience to our shoppers. Once shopper is happy with their tree design, all the selected items will be available for an online order or pick up at a local CT store.

My Contribution

Working closely with experience designer, and alongside with project manager, business analyst, and dev engineers, my contribution was made on improving user interactions through user tests, designing high fidelity web and mobile page mockups, and re-defining user flows to reduce problem areas.

Involved Areas

  • Promo webpage design

  • AppStore marketing banner design

  • Creating a user journey for winning an NFT from the side quest challenge

  • Email notifications

  • Product user testing - Areas for improvements

  • Communication - Marketing and Dev.

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3D Room Environment

A 3D room environment designed to offer a exploratory gamified experience to our customers. Users can move around using WASD and mouse on web, thumb movements on mobile, and by physically moving around in the VR experience. There are interactable objects such as the Christmas tree for the decoration experience, and other objects throughout the room for a side quest mission.


Choosing Decorators

Once you click on the tree, you are in the tree decorator mode. The experience begins from choosing the type of tree, ornaments, toppers, garland, and skirts to fully design the Christmas tree of your own. Certain items may or may not be available depending on the product availability of your chosen local Canadian Tire store.


Decorating the Tree

After selecting the ornaments that you want to decorate the tree with, you can simply drag and drop, and place the ornaments right onto the tree. Further adjust the view of the tree by zooming and rotating to decorate the entire tree. Items that are applied to the tree are automatically added to the cart for purchase later on.



Items added on the tree are automatically added to the cart. Once items are checked out, customers have an option to either pickup at their local Canadian Tire store, and have them directly delivered to their home address.


NFT Quest Challenge

Adding more to the shopping experience, there are hidden clues throughout the room for a chance to redeem a code that wins one of 100 Canadian Tire NFTs. Users will go around the room, finding these hidden clues by interacting with other objects that highlight.

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Get yourself into the experience

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