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The Sound Amplifying Station

Soft Maple/ Polished Steel

Product Photos
CamScanner 05-22-2020 16.53.43_1.jpg
ideation ortho.jpg

Your phone is a MUST!


Operating a sound amplifier requires a phone with internal speakers. When your phone is in usage of a sound amplifier, your phone may display the artist's name, name of the song, lyrics and perhaps a very artistic scenery that you don't want to miss! The amplifier has to be able to exhibit the phone display while it is in use.

Instead of one direction, How about any direction?


It is good to have a sound amplifier, but how inconvenient would it be if the sound amplifies only to one direction? The design of Tongii engages everyone in the room to listen to the same quality of sound regardless of where you are standing. Find more about our 360 sound amplification! 


Orthographic drawing done on Rhino 3D

render 2.jpg
render 3-1.jpg
Product in Function
in a row.jpg
Tongii final image at the end.jpg
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