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Designed by Yoonwoo Seo, Begum Dawlatyn, and Anna Hita


Soft Rubber & Napa Leather


Description I

This Canadian made passport case, Ouriez, thoroughly interprets the 
warming aspects of Canadian culture, as being accepting, welcoming, and 
unifying through the elegance in color, shape and form. 

The design of Ouriez is inspired by the 
universal gesture of a person hugging, which defines comfortness and acceptance. 

The purpose of this project is to convey this beuatiful aspect of Canadian culture through product design for everyone 

regardless of their ethnicity, race, culture, sex, and language. Passport is a physical identification for everyone. Putting your passport into Ouriez truly achieves the value of the product.

!st page open.jpg

Prototyping I

The prototype starts from resembling the geometric shape of a person's silhouette of hugging to portray the idea of acceptance and welcoming for everyone. The case is made with a mixture of thin soft rubber and napa leather, attached face to face for the purpose of protection and tenderness. The case is capable of safely securing passports, personal cards and boarding pass all inside for the purpose of anti-theft product. Due to its Trapezoid shape, the production process simply ends up with the minimum waste of material. Ouriez is a aesthetic focused, but very functional passport case, and thus to be used as a fashionable item.

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color render 5
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Full Project / Presentation

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