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Prototype Exhibition I

Work/Life 2021

In a world where home sizes were already dwindling and our ideas of working and living have been constantly redefined, the boundaries between work and life were drastically altered by the pandemic. Work/Life has a whole new meaning.

How has the stay-at-home order changed your life, creating a new context for everyday living? How has being at home 24/7 changed the way we use objects? Are you hacking your way through it? How can we share these inventions or turn hacks into viable products?

Consider opportunities for multiple functions, storage, space efficiency, personalization, dual utility, entertaining, and other hybrid and micro-living concerns. The exhibition invites designers to think about the whole environment that we live and work in, and welcomes creative responses to the theme.


N,or Z

White Ash, solid steel, polished aluminum


Description I

The beautifully designed lamp, The N,orZ, is the result of a solution that is functionally, yet aesthetically responding to the problem of home productivity that has arisen in the past months of COVID lockdown. The N,orZ is significantly engaged with different set ups of home environment, and has capability of accommodating different places in our homes. Working remotely means a lot to us. Whether you are in your couch, desk, or bed, "N,orZ" is the right lighting tool for consistent productivity when it's needed. Vertically positioning it allows the projection of vivid light for concentration. However, when you are switching from work mode to life mode, simply bring the head down and use it as a mood lamp that adds value to your comfortable environment. With the advantage of its unique design, you can also use it as a bookholder in the negative space for better organization of your space!


Why a light fixture?


Environmental set up is one of the crucial elements that form the distinct division in between work and life, and yet it is very difficult to have this separation in the space like our home or room. However, humans are instinctive kinds. I used light as the source to differentiate the set up between work and life which potentially creates various atmosphere. The final design allows users to maneuver the lamp without being entitled to a specific space or place.


Orthographic drawing completed on Rhinoceros 3D

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