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A place to manifest your curiosity.
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"How can we be in the experiences we would have never sought for ourselves before?"


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2022 ACIDO Rocket Finalist

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An AI generated virtual portal to your past, future, and places of pure imagination.

ExCover is a future metaverse concept aided by a natural language processing AI to create virtual human experiences through user data.

Your future intellectual property comes from your data. Create future digital assets with ExCover and explore limitless experiences without being bound to time, place, and money. 

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Discover unique experiences created by other users and immerse yourself into the experience.

You have the ability to choose the place and time of being. Do not be bound by your physical reality.

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The main interface in your interaction with Genie is conversation. Genie will engage you in a thorough conversation that provoke questions and curiosity.

With an option to input, image, video, and sound data, your experiential portal will be more sophisticated.

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ExCover maximizes content creation by allowing users to revisit their portals for further iterations.

Constantly engaged with Genie, this is an effective method to grow your content, and reach wider audience in your channel.

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Listing is accessed by the users world wide, and connect users all around the world.

Users will bid on your portal, and purchase through ETH. Explore portals created by thousands of creators worldwide and connect.


Your portal is your future digital asset. Enabled by NFTs and Blockchain, your content will gain profitable value as it gains public attraction.

The more your portal attracts viewers, the more it is incentivized, and users will start to value your creation.

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Travel through time & space.

As Genie generates your portal, you are able to visually immerse and experience the creation through the 360 degree view of the world.

Users are able to directly migrate into the generated world as they see and experience the portal with physical movement.


Experience Immersed

Genie generated world data are stored in ExCover’s cloud server where portals are designed and adjusted to meet the format of the VR hardware.

In the immersive virtual space, users gather their friends, meet new people, and hangout with their loved ones, sharing the greatest memories.

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Problem Defining

Signals Mapping

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Experience Analysis

Emerging Tech
Emerging Behaviors
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Literature Reviews
User Interviews
Journey Mapping
User Research

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Value Defining
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Low-Fid Prototype 

Design & Prototype

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User Feedback


Our subconcious mind controls 95% of our daily lives. This means we only have 5% of control for ourselves.

Although we may feel that we have a free choice when it comes to responding to situations that arise, our subconcious mind has already determined our response by what it has learned through pre-recorded lifelong experiences.

We are limited to the environments of our culture, society, and labels of our past. Remained in our comfort zones. We are locked in.

The mission of this project is to break, unfold, and discover ourselves by situating ourselves in new experiences and learnings.

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The mission of the project is to create a pathway to finding your inner self by being in new experiences and learnings

We have been adapted to the parallel worlds that we have known of. The world that we have grew up in that we have comfortably lived through. We know only what we know, never being able to experience life outside the boundary we have set for ourselves.

ExCover achieves to provide an access to places and experiences we never sought for ourselves before.


As everyday human tasks are being replaced by robotics, artificial intelligence and deep learning in the future Industrialized world, humans relearn how to become human everyday.

Being human doesn’t mean working. It is to “thoughtfully question what is around us, and pursuing one’s own goals, dictated from within, rather than extrinsic motivations dictated by others”.

This means that we must better understand and know more about ourselves to be able to be humans in the coming future.

Thus, we need a pathway to discovering our inner values by being in new experiences and learnings.


73 million jobs could be lost in the US by 2030 due to automation. China will be the worst hit, with the loss of 236 million jobs.


By 2023, 54% of workers will require significant re-skilling or upskilling due to technological disruptions and automation replacing jobs that are performed by humans.

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In a survey taken by IFR of 7,000 employees in seven countries, nearly 70% of participants believed that automation will offer them an opportunity to qualify for more highly skilled work.

Yes, it may seem devasting how advanced machines and technologies are replacing a large proportion of existing human jobs. But let’s think different. From a different angle of perspective. This is an opportunity to re-assess what humans can be capable of. A phase to discover the intrinsic value in every one of us that we can return back to the society at a larger scale.

People are going to find ways to live more meaningfully as basic human tasks are replaced by technologies. Discovering qualities and values they are capable of. In the future,
people will work for the purpose of meaning, which is connected to the quality of being. The quality that we become through experiences and learnings. This is why we need to move forward, and find more ways to experience life and learn.


This slide deck presentation walks through the past technologies that have led us to new experiences. The pathways that have led to experiences that we have never been in or sought of. 

Key Insights

  • The past technologies that have led us to new experiences commonly lack in user freedom and quality of immersion.

  • Now that we are at the verge of migration into the metaverse, we can truly take the benefit to maximize the opportunity to bridge human experience to digital realm.

  • Data becomes the material in the metaverse.

  • NLP will understand human input and execute creations.


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New Value Creation: The Tri-Vergence.

The circulation of data in the Trivergence creates an internet of value. A profitable value that the user has full access to with trust and security. This is the method of value streaming as human experiences are being commercialized in the metaverse. It provides a gateway to creating a benefitting channel for future contents.

User Research.

Primary users are extroverted young adults and career builders in their 20s and 30s that are curious and exploratory, but are not limited to passionate beings willing to discover what life has to offer for them.

Further research was taken by conducting thorough literature reviews, user interviews, and surveys, to better understand the mutual relationship between self discovery and human experiences, the scale of significance of being new experiences to increase the chance of self knowing, and the pain points of users acquiring the chance to be in new experiences and learnings.

Along with the reviews of literatures on the philosophy of self discovery, I interviewed recent university grads, young adults, and employees, and conducted a 45 people survey to collect both qualitative and quantitative data.

"What's limiting people from being in new experiences and learnings?" 

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Key insights


There are 4 major factors that limits people from being in new experiences. Money, time, place, and risk. Although they may have the desire to pursue and experience, they are often bounded by their own realities. 


User survey showed that 80% of participants think it is important to be in new experiences and learnings to be able to further know and understand themselves.


User survey showed that 74% of participants are optimistic about future automation for providing an opportunity to be qualified for more highly skilled work.


2 out of 5 university grads are unsure about pursuing the field of their degree, nor know what they want to be doing after grad.

User journey map

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With the insights gathered from user research, this map showcases the current user journey of a day in the life of an individual that emphasizes that lack new experiences and learnings. It is clear that users are unable to meet new experiences due to repetitive cycle of life, where they spend most of their energy at. Users are both physically and emotionally unmotivated by the reoccurring patterns of life.

Empathy map

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  • It is hard to invest time and energy in new experiences due to personal daily commitments and responsibilities.

  • Majority of energy is spend on occurring responsibilities (work, school, projects, etc). They feel unmotivated at the end of day.

  • Mid to large scale experiences such as travelling takes commitment, and break their daily patterns.

  • Experiences are limited by the place, people, and budget they live in. Boundaries do exist.

  • People are adapted to the life they have lived in. It takes certain amount of courage and willingness to get out of their comfort zone, and experience new things.


  • Experiencing should not take a lot of energy, and should be able to adapt to their current lifestyle.

  • Access to new experiences with less effort made.

  • Access to experiences of will - Not necessarily bound to time, place, and money, and delivering unique and inexperienced experiences.

  • Experiences that are unique to each individual - In a state of entertainment.

"How can we be in the experiences we have never sought for ourselves before in the most efficient way possible?"

Design Brief.


  • A convenient user and product interface interaction to reduce user energy and stay motivated throughout their journey.

  • Must be democratized. Not bound to location, time, and money.

  • Must grant users a sense of freedom. Facilitating a fluid interaction between the world and user behaviors.

  • Experiences are made with a source of access - data.



  • Should provide a strong method to lead into experiences that provoke self reflection. - Personalized experiences.

  • Should be a social place as an extension to user communication.

  • Provide a sense of entertainment - Gamified experiences.

  • Should provide a systems framework for people to stimulate their creativity and data input.


  • Could incentivize creators.

  • AI could have a certain personality or characteristic.

  • AI could connect to other devices via IoT to gather richer data.

  • Could offer you an analysis of your behaviors to help better understand yourself.

Concept Approach

As I was approaching the concept, I took a step back and had a brainstorming session of defining what the concept is at a broader scale. I used the 5W and How template to break down the idea of the concept by putting relevant stickey notes in the template. After a few iterations of this practice, I was able to deliver a comprehensive overview of the product.

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Refined user journey map

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With ExCover, making new experiences do not take a whole lot of energy from your current life pattern. With less effort and pressure, you are accessed to experiences that are not bound to your own limitations. ExCover works as a tool manifest your and others' curiosity in a shared virtual setting. You are left motivated to explore, experience, and discover. 

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Value Proposition Statement

An AI driven voice conversation metaverse platform that translates data into a creation of a virtual interactable world.

Concept Overview.

With the aid of natural language processing AI, our personal data become the material for creating human experiences in the metaverse.

Materialization of data (descriptions, images, sound, etc.) through AI to create and experience various settings of human experiences as a gateway self-discovery.

As a user, your role is to communicate with the AI to provide enough data information to create the virtual world of your own.

Manifest your past, future, and places of creative imagination. Enter places of unexpectedness. Creating and discovering yourself at the same time.

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