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What if all the physical products in the world were available instantaneously?

What if you no longer had to wait for packages?

What if Amazon was the most sustainable company in the world?

What if these "what ifs" became true?

Project by

Yoonwoo Seo

Joseph Zhuang

Matthew Lau

Sharon Lee

Kemuel Omero

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E-Commerce + Instant + Production

Instant delivery of e-commerce products through personal 5D printing means, redefining materiality and manufacturing systems. Ensduction is a connecting bridge between online consumer goods platforms and product manufacturing that strives beyond the limitations of our current services. From as little as a cube of soap, to as big as a 80 inch TV, Ensduction opens up a new possibility of delivering consumer objects through 5D printing technology in every household instantaneously, eliminating time-consuing and wasteful physical deliveries, packaging, and warehouse processes. Ensduction delivers the future of convenience and e-commerce.


Identifying Emerging Trends

Tracking consumer trends is a crucial way to gain relevant inspiration, and help you produce creative new products, services and experiences. Trend watching/scanning is about observing and understanding what's already happening, the major and the minor, the mainstream and the fringe, and using those findings in innovation and the creative process.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Space Exploration

Contactless / Instant Delivery Services


Artificial Intelligence

Extended Reality : AR / VR / Mixed Reality

Advanced 3D Printing

Smart Home



E-Commerce Market Expansion












Trend Description

We chose Smart Technology as the dominant theme of the future trends as we recognize its potential values to completely change the human lifestyle. Out of the trends we have identified, we find the most significance in "Instant Delivery Services, Advanced 3D Printing, and E-Commerce Market Expansion" in which we combine them as Ensduction : Instant delivery of E-commerce products through personal 3D printing means, redefining materiality and manufacturing systems.


The 3D printing market is steadily growing, with extensive development towards materials engineering and composite printing. There was a 35% growth in the number of companies exhibiting at Formnext, an international additive manufacturing conference in 2019, indicating steady growth. Plus, same-day deliveries are becoming more prevalent as logistics companies scramble to move towards increasingly instantaneous services to satisfy e-commerce demands and customer expectations.

Service Description

Ensduction streamlines the delivery of consumer goods through removing the currently essential phases of manufacturing and delivery altogether. Consumers can expect to instantly receive their desired products from a single click, made possible through the existence of sophisticated personal 5D printing technology at home. By then, the technology will evolve to be accessible and fast, able to replicate scores of material constructions. This system eliminates the difficulties of packaging, deliveries, and recycling, improving waste management, sustainability, and reducing various logistical costs. Ensduction greatly satisfies both consumers and e-commerce retailers, benefiting consumers with the opportunity to instantly purchase and own desired products at low cost, while companies can increase their sales while lowering costs associated with the traditional methods of manufacturing and consumption. 


  • In the future era, 5D printers will become a norm where it becomes an essential need in every home. This printer helps deliver our goods instantly such as furniture, clothings and many more. 

  • Eliminate the possibility of goods getting damaged during the shipping or manufacture process. And users can monitor printing processes making sure there’s no errors.

  • Without the excessive packaging, eliminate excessive waste, it helps save the planet and be environmental.

  • The cost of these printing products will reduce due to the elimination of excess cost such as manufacturing, shipping, and packaging.

  • User’s can shop more efficiently and less time-consuming because they don’t need to wait for their order, fulfilling their needs and wants instantly.


Conceptualizing Opportunity

Smart technologies are just one of the many channels that enable brands to add value and advance their core ideals. New, Intelligent technologies open up opportunities for companies to tap into their brand symbolism in fresh ways, satisfying the world's appetite for new innovations and advances.




“Continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using the internet and technology to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximise their success. We aim to be Earth's most customer centric company.”

Image by Wicked Monday


Amazon is an extensive based company that sells a wide variety of items and continues to explore different markets to become even larger. Originally it was a book selling company but expanded to variety good and medicas. Amazon has seen major development and growth since its beginning, such as: being a book company, delivery company, consumer goods, digital media, electronic devices, kindle, music, cloud, and much more.



“To be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.”




Books, Amazon Go, Kindle, Alexa, Amazon Apparel, Amazon Branded bank accounts, and prime, now having its own line of delivery trucks that are green.




  1. Amazon's Expanding Markets

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Amazon has produced a rapid 15% carbon footprint increasement last year, and it has come to an accumulation of emitted 51.17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the emitted 44.4million metric tons of carbon compared to the year before.

  • Amazon pursues to reduce this carbon intensity by having to “have 100% of its energy use from solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy by 2025”.

  • Amazon has announced a $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund, under signed registration to The Climate Pledge in achieving its goal of net zero by 2040.

  • Amazon is implementing 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian to pursue 100% green energy by 2025.

Customer Satisfaction / Instant Delivery

  • Amazon Scout - “Designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices. These devices were created by Amazon, are the size of a small cooler, and roll along sidewalks at a walking pace.” They’ve shipped over 5 billion itmes worldwide in 2017.

  • Prime Air - a future delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones.

2. Amazon's Core Value

  • World's largest / global marketplace

  • Willing to expand brand identity

  • Open to innovation

  • Customer oriented / driven 

  • Profound customer trust

  • Brand loyalty

  • Future technology investments

  • Data materialized

  • Efficiency maximization

How Can Ensduction Bring Value to Amazon?

Change the way people shop and receive products. Being the ones to offer a new experience for consumers. Also, Ensduction does not limit the benefits only to the shoppers. Providers may be those design companies that’d provide the printable sophisticated designs and renders, and they are highly benefited with an extreme reduction in costs for delivery and packaging eliminations.

How Compelling is Ensduction to Management?

Ensduction pursues the provision of 5D printed hyperrealism products that is capable of accommodating any physical product as possible. Embedding this ideology to the service that Amazon currently provides, Amazon can potentially enlarge its product line ups to the point of endlessness, and the reduction in delivery and factory management fees, customers are able to buy products at the lowest possible prices.

What Markets Might They Serve?

What's the Market Shape? Product, Service, or Both?

Amazon and Ensduction can potentially bring new trends in the markets of delivery services, online shopping, crafting/self manufacturing, and any interactable products that the technology can physically provide. It also has a severe connection to the Industrial Design market as the resource of 5D printing derives from the design potentials such as sophisticated renderings and ideations.



ED Logo Black .png

Both. Reduction in product manufacturing from the traditional method and a transition into the 5D printing methodology for product manufacturing.Shopping customers have the benefit of owning products at the extreme low possible prices. The service is provided at an instant speed due to the reduction in the delivery procedures, and the number of purchasable products is dramatically increased due to Ensduction’s endless possibilities.

How Can Ensduction Deliver More Benefits to the Users?

Ensduction delivers an enormous possibility and access to the products listed on the platform with the advantage of the elimination of the delivery services. Due to the reduction in cost and required services, the users are able to own the products at a lower price but at an instant speed.

What Might Be The Products?

With the integration of Ensduction’s 5D printing technology to Amazon's online affiliate program that employes a range of multi sorted consumer goods, we observe an innovative service of instant manufacturing and gratification of products that are ranged in an extreme broad spectrum. This may include, household items, small appliances, personal devices, fixtures, and daily products.

Traditional Framework


Overseas Production





Product Arrival


Ensduction Framework

Items on Database

Visualization (AR/VR)


Instant production/delivery through 5D Printer


Product Arrival


Business Initiative

Customer Action

The Benefits



Instantaneous affordances help people to have time for what matters most.

Living Quality

All products available anywhere in the world, at any time, instantly.

Access Ability

Products available at lower cost without compromising on quality.




Bring consumers new and innovative experiences through instant production.

New Experience

Reduce the time it takes to deliver products into the hands of consumers.


Customers benefit from instant delivery and lower cost.

Customer Satisfaction



Reduce and eliminate essessive products left in stock or returned goods.


Amazon leverages cutting edge technology to enhance and expand their brand identity, and in doing so becomes the face of the global marketplace.


Businesses are drawn to the possibilities of printing technologies coupled with the world’s largest marketplace, paving the way for continuous innovation.

Imaginative Possibilities

Mass Personalization.





On Demand Economy.

Image by Arne Wambeke

Scenario #1  I  Home

John is a virtual university student studying business at U of T. He is staying up late to study for the exam that’s coming up tomorrow morning. As he was studying on his desk, the bulb suddenly ran out of light and he is no longer able to continue his study in the dark room. He goes on Amazon and searches for the bulb type that fits his desk lamp. He is able to easily find the product and purchases it at a very low price. At the click of the purchasing button, Amazon sends the virtual file of the product and his 5D printer starts printing the bulb, using the appropriate materials. Seconds later, John receives the printed bulb, and puts it back into the lamp. John is able to further study for the exam in the bright room.

Scenario #2  I  Medical

The world becomes smaller when goods don’t need to rely on time-consuming processes to transfer from one part of the world to another. In the past, medicine would take ages to arrive, by which it was no longer needed; we live out in a remote place, with no major medical hub in sight. Today, if we need medicine, it’s simple. We print the medicine out. I can also see the effects of the technology even at the local doctor’s office. When they need specialty equipment to perform a specific process, there’s no more waiting and need to transfer patients to a facility where they can get the correct treatment. Instead, they get it instantly. The printer has been a literal lifesaver in my community.

Image by bruce mars

Scenario #3  I  Business

When you have an immersive reality experience complementing a product that delivers your goods instantly to consumers, saving you time and money, you’re bound for success. Hopping onto Amazon’s website, you see the needs of your customers. Thinking of some ideas of solving the problems, your solutions are rapidly transferred into data. Not long after, your product takes form, shaped by the data you have composed. You easily drop it into your virtual storefront, knowing that even physical products are fluid now, like what software once was. That’s great to know- the product your customer buys will keep adapting to their new environment to meet their needs best. On the first day of release, millions of your products are sold to happy consumers, who print it themselves. Amazon keeps your business not only alive, but allows it to thrive.

Scenario #4  I  Sports

You are a sportman, doing sports is your passion, however, your gear and equipment has to be replaced every once in a while. You decide to hop on Amazon, finding your favorite brand for your gear and equipment and print them instantly. The companies on Amazon do discounts for customers who had purchased their product previously when they recycle the material from the broken product to be used to reproduce as new one. You simply insert the used material, the 5D machine will break the material down and print out a new one for use. While waiting for the printer to finish, you leave to do other things on the list that need to be done such as getting ready for a sports event. By the time you’re ready, your brand new equipment will be ready for you.

Strategic Implications  I

The Future Work

From hindsight, the personal computer revolution in the 1980s brought computers, tools of convenience, and gateways to connectivity to the masses- equipment previously massive, inaccessible, and expensive. We envision in foresight a similar revolution will happen within the decades, where powerful and advanced printing technologies open the door to innovation and possibility; we call it the personal printing revolution. Here's our plan for the future.


  • Using the advanced 3D Lidar sensor technology in eligible smartphones and tablets, users are able to visualize the presentation of the products in their certain places before purchase.

Two years

  • Popularized distribution of smartphones with the 3D Lidar sensor integrated. Using this technology, consumers are able to virtually visualize how a wide range of products may fit in different places and body parts with its limited functioning performances. Advanced Augmented Reality.

Five years

  • The product visualization engaged with the 3D Lidar sensor sophisticatedly articulates the function in the virtual space. For example, if you are trying out a lamp you’d like to purchase from Amazon, and visualize how it may fit in your living room using the 3D Lidar sensor, not only you’d see how the lamp would look like in the living room, but also how it illuminates by responding to the surrounding environment.

Ten years

  • Now the 3D printing technology is seemingly increased and accepted. Small number of consumers who own 3D printers at home, have limited access to products that are capable of self manufacturing. However, materials are limited.

Twenty years

  • 4D printers are now widely accepted and purchased in every household, but people still have the option of purchasing products off-line or in person. There has been a major increase of accommodatable materials from plastic all the way to wood, polyester, metal, etc,. These material sources are sold individually and in liquids and the user needs to purchase materials that they’d need in order to manufacture the product. This major shift has reduced the limitations of product manufacturability and enlarged the category.

Fifty years

  • 4D printers have now become 5D printers, and they have taken an enormous place as a new normal in our everyday lives. Companies continually invest in the self-printing technology to reduce the cost of delivery, warehousing, and factory operations. 5D printer takes one singular material source that can produce any type of material, and there is almost no limit when it comes to product manufacturability within the boundaries of legal actions.

Timeline of innovation.JPG

Timeline of Innovation

The Business Model (Updated)

  1. TRUST

The concept of e-commerce has been propagated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, there is still room to build confidence and trust in the online marketplace as it becomes the new normal.

  • Provide customers with visualization methods, utilizing virtual and augmented reality to improve customer purchasing confidence and reduce return rates.

  • Expand physical presence to build brand loyalty.

  • Provide customers with after-sales services and support towards the lifecycle of a product.


Market Strategy

Investing into building brand loyalty and trust through capitalizing on technology and innovation will better improve Amazon’s presence in global markets. ​

In the COVID-19 pandemic, by becoming the household name for product fulfillment, Amazon will continue to be well-poised for emerging e-commerce markets. They can continue by investing in better ways to represent and visualize products, improving the customer experience and trust.


Leveraging consumer data and behavior, Amazon can continue to expand by offering data-driven experiences that tailor products and experiences to unique individuals.

  • This will continue to build brand loyalty and deliver a more customized, efficient service.

  • Focus on the impacts of data to build digital products for people, the center and focus of the brand.

  • As a people-centric company, Amazon’s core values will follow through with meeting and exceeding people’s needs and values before they get the product itself, delivering a positive and immersive virtual experience rivaling that of the in-person shopping experience.


Market Strategy

Amazon provides an incredibly tailored experience in a digital age, providing digital products founded on customer data to meet and exceed customer demands.

Amazon partners with other companies to gather data and build relevant customer experiences. Amazon FBA, known as Fulfilment By Amazon, a service for personal business operation allows individuals like us to launch and operate product businesses from the amateur level.


Intensive investment into printing and material-defining processes will easily help fulfill customer needs. The future of products, not static but dynamic, ever changing and adapting to fulfill user needs.


Market Strategy

Amazon provides an incredibly tailored experience in a digital age, providing digital products founded on customer data to meet and exceed customer demands.

Amazon partners with other companies to gather data and build relevant customer experiences. Amazon FBA, known as Fulfilment By Amazon, a service for personal business operation allows individuals like us to launch and operate product businesses from the amateur level.


This last phase is the growth and popularity of the new niche Amazon provides. To maximize efficiency and convenience for each individual to focus on their passion when they need it.

With all phases complete Amazon will revolutionize and pave the way for how we interact and define instant e-commerce experiences; the building blocks of data are the foundation for how physical products will be conceptualized and formed in the future. This adds value in individual’s lifestyles, enabling them to connect with what they desire, when they need it most. The world is moving towards greater efficiency, and fulfillment of the future will be instantaneous and sustainable.


Amazon can leverage the 5D printing advancements to further redefine the concept of convenience and be the service that bridges the gap between business objectives and customer demands in a sustainable, cost-efficient, innovative, and competitive fashion. And yet, we observe the possible departure points that we envision Ensduction as a feasible adaptation to Amazon through their continuous enforcement to customer satisfaction, time, and environmental efficiency, initiating to change markets and trends. Ensduction is truly becoming the foundation for the new consumerism and will serve an innovative shopping experience. Not normal is the new normal of the future.

Special thanks to,

Alexander Manu

Joseph Zhuang

Matthew Lau

Sharon Lee

Kemuel Omero

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