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Disclaimer :
This project does not engage in plans of KROFT : Original&Custom Furniture. The project is purely done  for educational purpose in partnership of OCADU and KROFT.
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Understand The Partner  I  KROFT


Kroft products pursue in ensuring minimalistic, modern, and Scandinavian atmosphere through the mixture of organic forms and materials. Designs challenge mechanisms such as floating, being attached, and minimal modification for pleasant visual presentation.

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High level of craftmanship is portrayed through products. Kroft's design ethic involves producing durable, sustainable, long-lasting, and detailed qualities of furniture. All the edges of products are rounded for the purpose of safety, which it makes an approach for the demographic audience.

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Kroft aims for individuals who are financially settled and have urban life styles living in limited space. Individuals such as young couples, singles, new home owners, and in age from 25 to 75 may find suitable products from Kroft.

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Integrate the style.

Based on the design research about KROFT shown above, I was better knowledge with their design language and aesthetic. By integrating red leather straps, which is one of Kroft's signature identities, into the minimally designed U shaped tray, Denda is naturally merged into the existing product line-up

Product Mockup

The Problem

After the attempt of the cardboard mock up and first prototype, I have realized that following too much of design aesthetic of Kroft on Denda had led to an unergonomic design solution, that ultimately made the product hard to use. The hole punched handles which meant the fingers to go in, were very uncomfortable to use. The image down below shows a solution to it.


Orthographic Drawing completed on Rhinoceros 3D

The Product

Brochure Design

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