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Table top/wall mountable night light

This beautiful “COZi”, a multi-functional table/wall night lamp creates a vivid reflection of light that imitates water passing through the lakes and shores in our nature. Its intent is to convey an emotional comfort through the visualization of the ripple effect that creates a nostalgic atmosphere. 

The light source(LED) is mounted in the base, made out of White Ash, providing a slot for the ceramic arch. The arch is attached with Mylar films for the effect of reflection

Designed by Yoonwoo Seo & Peter Huang

Time Travel2.jpg

Time Travel, 2017, Yoonwoo Seo

The Story of Design Inspiration​​​​​​​



Once, there was a father and son living in a suburb part in the West of Canada. The only son the father had, he often took his son out to their nearby lake to make small memories in the love for him. Time has flown, and the son has also grew up to the stage where he became independent and faded away from the love of his father. The father's love was not being appreciated by the son as much as he did before. At the same time, the father was aged, and his health was also becoming worse, that eventually ended up to his unfortunate death. After the father’s death, son grieves for him, and the love he used to give, that led him to the search of memories to regain the love he used to receive. Eventually, the son ends up being at this lake that they often visited in the son's young age, and he remembers the nostalgia of the good memories. Thus, the son finally finds comfort in himself.

Shadow on Concrete Wall




  • To be disassembled

  • Use of quality and non-wasting materials

  • Durable

  • Have a plug and a switch

  • In the grabbable size

  • Function both aesthetically and functionally



  • Environmental friendly

  • Multi-Functional

  • In the budget less than $80

  • Product is in the category of home decor / gift


  • Be carried around

  • Replicable parts

Combined Ideation.jpg

Visualize the story!


In the ideation page, the exploration is trying different forms to resemble the story of design inspiration. The idea is to deliver the feeling of warmth between the father and son at the shore of the lake in the sunset at both environmental and emotional levels. Here the sketches try to mimic the visualization of the rippled effect made through the reflection of light. The external design stays minimal and organic.

Render image.jpg
3D Modeling
Capture 33.JPG

Make it feasible.


Using Rhino 3D, we are building the overall architecture of the design to be able to visualize specific components and structure to make the reflection of the light. The form of the arch is giving the light an opportunity to travel through the inner surface to eventually create the rippled reflection.

Product Building

Let's see how it works!


As we have 3D modeled the arch, it was most practical to have it 3D printed and apply further applications. Once the surface was sanded down, the surface was coated with spray paint, and the reflection part was filmed with the Mylar film which was a highly reflective material. In the wooden base part made with White Ash, an LED light source was integrated, allowing the light to reflect on the rippled surface.

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