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Design Strategist

안녕, I am Yoon.

I learn the language of ideas. I am passionate for provoking new life visions and opportunity through design implications. Scroll through to find out more about me and my passion!

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In the evolving world, design sits at the core of innovation, and streamlines into various industries to create new possibilities. Our role as industrial designers does not stop at the level of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing products, but to become the spark that creates the fire with the advantage of our thinking strategy. Design is more of a language to leverage craziness into the world of technology, materiality, business, and future advancements, and less of a skill to stay within boundaries. This is where I belong as a designer in today’s world.


Recent Work

2020.10 - 2020.12


Ensduction  I 


In this project, we look at the foresight of future consumerism with the rising business trends in 2020. By leveraging the advanced 3D printing technology into the rising e-commerce market platform, Ensduction proposes a new dimension of instantaneous production. The idea of Ensduction pushes the boundary of reality to create the new normal of our future.





What a year has 2020 been.. As COVID-19 has brought a global pandemic, a lot of us have been put in a position where we were unexpectedly laid off from work. Not only has it created the concerns of financial issues, but also to the extent of mental health as a lot of us have lost our professional values. Find out what Rise offers to help you with your unstable mental health.


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Design Thinking

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User Research





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UX Design

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Strategic Foresight

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Graphic Design

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3D Modeling

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