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Image by Henrik Dønnestad

Art, the spark of my design career.

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

Acrylic on canvas


These days, the majority of people tend to judge others by their appearance, and not seeking to find the inner beauty that others have. The painting is sarcastically expressed to show an unappreciation of those crooked views and unjust judges, but giving a message to find the inner beauty of others. The painting has used the Realism Abstract method

dead flowers.jpg

Live Deads

A blue pen & water

Although plants are considered as living things, people often don't recognize their biological presence. This piece is an expressionism style art that explains the sadness and coldness that plants may feel for their deaths as I believe that they have emotions like us. The painting is outlined with pen and blurred with water

Time Travel.jpg

Time Travel

Handy-Coat / Acrylic / Water colour

The painting emphasizes on the father and son's relationship or love, by showing a significant transformation from their silhouette to shadows. Acrylic is painted on top of the spreaded handy-coat to imitate the Métier expression.This rough technique expression means the growth of true family love evolve from small arguments and conflicts.


Society Cycle


Our world and community theses days are all about competitions. We extremely compete each other for several hundreds of rounds to be that ultimate winner at the very top of the stage. I reflected this “never ending” concept on the Food Chain from Biology, to show its aggressiveness and intensity


Still Life Drawing : Cups

2B Pencil &Eraser

This is a still life drawing of clear cups positioned in different forms and angles. The drawing is majorly focused on showing my detailed observation, drawing skills, and tool techniques such as erasers and blending tools.



Pastel, Oil Pastel

In the world today, there are certain groups of people that are self centered or excessively greedy even for something very little. In the painting, the overlap looking, desperate hands are meant to be a representation of corrupted of the society of the selfish minded people. The reason why the apple is eaten, is because to suggest an idea of "to what extent, do the selfish minded people reach for" ,but also to give a deep emphasis on those people's wrong eagerness at the same time.

Process of Transformation.jpg

Life Building

Poster Paint

Life is a big transformation of gradual growth. As we dedicate our best effort into our life, we are able to capture gradual progress on becoming successful. I reflected this idea on the concept of buildings. Building is a stack of floors that generally range from 1 to a few tens. As the floor gets higher, it becomes more valuable with an expectancy of better quality. Dreaming my life to be successful, and to experience that gradual growth, I found it very similar to the concept of buildings. In the painting, the floors represent different positions of my life transformation, and as it gets higher, it is able reach further into success.

Still life.jpg

Still life drawing : Dispenser


A detailed still life drawing of a dispenser. Showing my ability to handle light reflection, as well as detailed observation.

Industrial Design.jpg

Industrial Design

Water colour / Poster paint

This is a work that shows my understanding of Industrial Design. I highly believe that every component or product in our daily life fundamentally originate from the design media. This piece uses a combination of cut-out and animation methods, and shows the wide angle possibility that design can do.


Still Life drawing : Pepper


This is a still life drawing of a pepper with pencil. Differences of ight and dark are thoroughly well performed.

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