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"The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs


Hello, I am a Toronto-based human experience / innovation driven Product Designer. Specialized in learning the language of ideas, my work and thinking methods are driven by the fascination of leveraging the human capabilities into new opportunities through advanced technology, strategy, and design implications.

I envision a future where people are more connected, become their true selves, and understand more of themselves through designing dynamics and disruptions.

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DesignTO 2021 "Micro-Macro" Exhibition  I 


The exhibition features self-directed term projects with recontextualizations of healthcare prompted by the challenges faced during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and informed by the nuances of the human experience at the individual level and the collective level. My project "Rise" was featured in this exhibition.

Online Exhibition:


DesignTO Panel:

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Junior Product Designer Internship  I 


Swave Studios is a design consulting company based in Toronto. Over the course of the internship duration, I have participated in the early phase design process of developing g an innovative pickup truck bed organizer and tonneau cover for our client Worksport. Working with a team of four, I have interpreted a detail observation of work around the pickup truck's bed through user scenario illustrations and transferring the key data to concept proposals. Research on interactable tools, market and product competitors were additionally done as a side work for shaping a clear direction of the project.

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Product Design Participant  I 


Kroft is a Scandinavian inspired furniture manufacturing company based in Vaughn, Ontario. In collaboration with OCADU and Kroft, students, including myself have had the opportunity to design and create an add-on product to the company's existing product line. The project involved research and deep understanding of the company's design ethics and language, and the ability to transfer the knowledge into a new concept of a product. 

Feel free to contact for any possible work and employment, or even send how you thought about the projects!

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