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Product Designer.

I'm Yoon. A human experience and future innovations driven 

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UX Design & Research
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Design Strategy & Foresight

Assuring & Building Trust on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world of mass-information. How can we build trust and credibility with our audience on LinkedIn? What becomes possible when LinkedIn profiles, experiences, skills, and endorsements are validated?


The Future of Entertainment

We are heading toward a future where the boundaries between realities are diminishing through hyper-realistic simulations and immersions. How would your future self exist across multiple realities?


IoT Transition for Deloitte

For industrial companies the digital universe and its migration into a deployed and interdependent Internet of Things is a major disruption. How would this create a new business direction for Deloitte, and what are the demands that take for this transition?


Mapping the Future Behavior Economy

This presentation recognizes the emergent data points from 2010 to 2020, and reflect them in visual maps that disclose the macro data set of the past technologies and user behaviors to foresee what's to come in the future. 


The Future of Consumerism

Instant delivery of e-commerce products through personal 5D printing means, redefining materiality and manufacturing systems. Ensduction is a connecting bridge between online consumer goods platforms and product manufacturing that strives beyond the limitations of our current services.


The Future of Experiencing Food

Thanks to food delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash, we have been able to consume food at the comfort of our finger tips for the past years of isolation. What we have missed was the lack of experience. How can we experience food at the comfort of our home in the coming future?


Physical Products & Modelling
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